Initial Contribution Offering

Participate in the transformation of a well established casino. 
BitDice is expanding its boundaries by entering a USD 50 billion market of fiat online 
casino and upgrading itself to the next-generation technology platform

More games, more fun & 
more opportunities!

EST. 2014

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The ICO Is Over

ICO Contributions:

Total Raised:USD $8,748,793.00
2300 BTCPROFIT107%
5 500 500 $PROFIT452%
230 000 BTCWAGERED45%
100 MBETS MADE145%



Contributions are accepted in: 

Existing bankroll investors will receive 
special treatment for converting their 
stakes into CSNO tokens


Only 100 000 000 CSNO tokens will be

  • No dilution. Locked supply.
  • 70% distributed to public.
  • 30% retained by owners.
  • Off-chain distribution using ERC223 
    Ethereum smart-contract standard.

Wealth accumulation:
CSNO holders are entitled 
to 70% of BitDice profits distributed quarterly via 
Ethereum smart-contract.

To place bets, receive payouts &

Tradable & Transferable:
CSNO tokens tradable 
on secondary market, exchangeable on site.

Bonus Schedule



BitDice Casino is targeting to raise at least USD 10 000 000 
to pursue its transformational strategy. For many years it 
has successfully performed as a cryptocurrency gambling 
site, yet it is time to start thinking "big".

The structure of proceeds utilization is designed to ensure 
the platform's profitability in the long run with minimal 
operational risks. BitDice Casino is committed to implement 
its strategy in the best interest of CSNO token holders.


  • 2 300 BTC Profit
  • 20 000 Users
  • 230 000 BTC Wagered
  • BitDice's own games: Roulette & BitAces
  • Mobile App
  • On-Site Raffles Using Token
  • Licensing R&D
  • BitDice's own games:
    Video Poker, Plinko, Slots
  • New slot provider (20+ Games)
  • Live Games
  • Start of Smart Contracts R&D (Ethereum/IOTA)
  • Add CSNO Token on site
  • Sports betting
  • BitDice's own games: Baccarat
  • Poker
  • 2 300 BTC Profit
  • 20 000 Users
  • 230 000 BTC Wagered
  • New slot provider (20+ Games)
  • Live Games
  • Start of Smart Contracts R&D (Ethereum/IOTA)
  • Add CSNO Token on site
  • BitDice own games: Roulette & BitAces
  • Mobile App
  • On-Site Raffles Using Token
  • Licensing R&D
  • Sports betting
  • BitDice own games: Baccarat
  • BitDice own games:
    Video Poker, Plinko, Slots
  • Poker


  • How to invest?

    Purchase of Tokens will be available on  in the Crowdfunding Dashboard. During the ICO you will be able to purchase BitDice Casino Tokens (CSNO) using multiple payment methods: BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, IOTA

  • How do I register an account?

    Account registration will be available once the ICO officially begins.

  • How to store CSNO tokens and receive dividends?

    At the end of each quarter, 70% of distributable profit of BitDice Casino is transferred to the Ethereum (ETH) wallet containing the Smart Contract. The ETH is then redistributed proportionately to all holders of CSNO tokens according to smart contract conditions. In order to receive the dividends, CSNO has to be stored on an Ethereum wallet, which supports ERC223 compliant tokens, such as MyEtherWallet or Mist.

  • How do I know my tokens are safe?

    In order to make sure that your Tokens remain safe, we encourage investors to use the two-factor authentication (2FA). If you have lost access to your account, there is an option to change the account password. Once the ICO is over, each investor will be able to send CSNO Tokens to private ETH wallets.

  • When will CSNO tokens be listed on exchanges and which ones?

    CSNO will be available on secondary market after the ICO ends. Follow our further announcements to learn more about it.

  • At what price can I buy CSNO tokens?

    The price of the token will be determined at the end of the ICO period and it will depend on the overall capital raised. The final price of the token will be calculated at cut-off time using this formula: CSNO price = Proceeds from ICO (in USD) / 100 000 000 tokens

  • What is a cut-off time and why it matters?

    Cut-off time is the exact date and time then BitDice Casino will cease to accept any further contributions. Cut-off time will be used as a reference point to count final balances across different wallets and determine cryptocurrencies rates in USD value.
    Cut-off time is the end of the ICO: September 15, 2017 (UTC 00:00)

  • What is a token pre-sale and what is it for?

    BitDice Casino is conducting a preliminary sale of its tokens for existing bankroll investors. Each investor will be granted access to an exclusive offer to convert its bankroll investment into CSNO token at an additional 5% discount.
    Please follow instructions on the casino investments section to indicate your intention.

  • Is there a hard cap?

    Yes. Hardcap is 25.000.000 USD                      


BitDice to employ IOTA Technology on its next-generation platform

We are pleased to announce that BitDice Casino has decided to start working on integration of IOTA’s tangle to BitDice’s infrastructure for addressing a number of critical shortcomings presently available for ethereum smart-contract solutions.

BitDice’s Stand In The World Of Smart-Contract Games And Blockchain Development.

We illustrate in an-easy-to-understand format, how BitDice stands out in comparison to traditional online and smart-contract casinos.

Exposure to CSNO token: everything you need to know about it.

This post extends over BitDice Casino’s token structure, its applicability, and derivative implication.